Sign the Petition Below

Hello and welcome to the Trans Minors Rights website. By signing the petition below, you can help move us one step closer to unblocking blockers for transgender youth in Pennsylvania. Scroll down to read more about what we do.

Our Vision

Mission Statement

Our goal is to empower transgender youth by allowing them make decisions regarding puberty blockers so that they have time to determine whether or not they’d like to transition.

End Goal

We aim to get 3,843 signatures* on an official petition to show to Pennsylvania Congress and encourage them to pass a law protecting the confidentiality of transgender minors (age 14+) and allowing them to legally obtain puberty blockers without requiring consent from a parent or guardian.

*The number of signatures is based on the 100,000 needed for to recognize a nationwide petition, but scaled down to match the population of PA.

Stretch Goals

While we strive to reach our petition goal, Trans Minors Rights will be out in the community:

  • Spreading awareness about the struggles of transgender youth by participating in local public speaking events and representing trans youth at LGBT pride festivals.
  • Educating medical professionals on affirming care for transgender youth by providing diversity training for therapists, endocrinologists, pediatricians, hospitals, and family doctors.
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